Bench Racing Weekend History... as we understand it:

BRW was started by Emil Andres as an “Old Timers banquet”. It was held once each year in the Chicago area. Duke Nalon joined forces with Emil and they organized the event from the late 1970’s until the mid 1990’s. Then Jack & Nan Martin took over along with Junior Dreyer. They held the event in Indianapolis through 2013. When they announced they would not continue to organize the event they offered to pass the baton to others. A group was pulled together to keep the event and the traditions going.

Our first such event was held in March of 2014. The unique tours, car collection, memorabilia, movies, guests (such as Johnny Parsons), and banquet (where Bob Jenkins hosted a conversation with Paul Goldsmith) were  very successful and enjoyable to those in attendance.  150 people attended part or all of the events and they encouraged us to do it again.  Indy Bench Racing Weekend 2015 was equally successful with the additions of Friday evening and Saturday afternoon conversations as well as a car show hosted by Bob Harkey and the main event  conversation between Donald Davidson and Sarah Fisher.  
                                                                                                                                        ~Anne and Chuck
Link to 2014 Indy BRW video:  https://animoto.com/play/baAEPoJhAouQPNyQSQ1Ocg 

BRW 2014 photos by Judy Moore or Dave Kester

Indy Bench Racing Weekend