Frequently Asked Questions...

Indy Bench Racing Weekend

Where is the hotel???
Hotel rooms at the Crowne Plaza are $104.  Please mention Indy Bench Racing Weekend when you make reservations.  We have had difficulty in past years with the hotels centralized reservation system.  If you encounter any problems please contact Dina and her direct line is 317-243-1028; or call us at 317 989-1311 and we will do our best to remedy the situation.  Please note that the hotel wants all room reservations by Tuesday February 28.

What should I wear???

Honestly, we just want you to be really comfortable so just about anything goes.  

If you want to wear jeans and t or sweat-shirts - we're good!

If you want to get dressed up and act like fancy grown-ups - we're good.  

If this weekend is all about business for you, wear a suit or business casual - we're good.

If you want to do a bit of each depending on the event - we're good with that too.  

Just be comfy and happy.  We're all friends here, or will be soon!!!

More options of things bring...

Money or credit cards     We will hold a silent auction to raise money to support the Indy Bench Racing Weekend event, keep ticket prices as low as feasible and invite special guests to join us.  You just might find something you have been looking for!


And... there will be some vendors at the hotel and Main St. Speedway is a unique place to eat and shop! 

What's the weather like in Indy???

You might want to consider bringing layers of clothes, maybe even an umbrrella - Indy could be delightful in late March and early April or raining or snowing or???  Please note:  the Indy BRW Pit Crew has no control over weather events.

What should I bring???

Photo Albums, memorabilia that is small enough to carry with you - anything you might want to share with others about your racing memories .

Cameras, smart phones, iPads - to capture and save the event for future memories.

A good set of listening ears to catch all the great stories that will be told.

A well-rested body and mind as the weekend is jam packed with fun things to do! 

Where are the Tours Saturday Morning?

Saturday morning we will be touring two active garages this year - Juncos Race Shop in Speedway and Throckmorton Racing/Grant King Race Shops in Claremont.  Participants will be divided into two groups with tour times and maps available at registration.